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We are here for you, promoting health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activities, while you seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle during travel. Luxury destination you choose is treatment or wellness oriented.You can choose from leading ophthalmological clinic Svjetlost, free hearing test (pure tone audiometry) and hearing aid from Bontech clinic and/or complete dental service by Dentech, from state of the art diagnostics to fully equipped doctor’s offices and CAD/CAM laboratories.

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Largest cutting edge eye clinic in Central Europe.
Dental laboratory with premium level services.

Croatia is one of the most attractive destinations for travelling and health tourism.

Dalmatian coast is known for its warm sea, constant winds and beautiful wooded islands. Cities are stunning, timeless medieval towns with wide coastal boulevards, marble fountains, monasteries, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque monuments. During summer art, food and music fill the theaters, plazas, galleries and streets of those cities and the atmosphere is awesome. 


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Largest cutting edge eye clinic in Central Europe.

University Eye Hospital Svjetlost is the leading ophthalmological clinic in this part of Europe, known for the highest medical and technological standards, and top experts in ophthalmology. If you are staying in Split or other parts of Dalmatia do not miss the opportunity to solve your vision related problems – quick, affordable and with the guarantee of highest quality.


Dental laboratory with premium level services.

Members of our team, young and seasoned alike, have all cut their teeth (so to speak) in the world of dental medicine and left a lasting impression in the process. The team is led by Split’s very own dental extraordinaire dr. Joško Radović, whose practice has helped thousands of patients, regulars as well as newcomers.


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